Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden Updates

One of our grape vines, this one is a green seedless grape. This year it has no blossoms. The Kyohou grape vine has about 8 blossom clusters, so we're excited.
Cabbages coming along, even though we have lots of caterpillars trying to eat the tender greens...
We've managed to scrounge around for some soil to finish 3 beds. The furthest left bed are the cucumbers & melons. The furthest middle bed are the beans, Furthest right bed is still in need of soil, closest left bed is going to be peppers, potatoes and eggplants, the closest middle bed will be onions. We're not sure if we can get the 6th bed done in time for this planting season.
Blueberries! Last year we had just one(!) berry. This year we might have enough to fill one of those berry containers they sell at the store..hehe
The Kabocha pumpkins going strong. The larger vines already have blossoms growing. You can see some recently planted kabochas in the back.
Shinseiki Asian Pear fruitlet 


Kory said...

there is a variety of chinese cabbage I've found called blue's hybrid chinese that caterpillars will dine on to the exception of all others. Its only so so as taste goes so I grow it as a trap crop. I ordered mine online through fedco. If you can't get a hold of it I have some to spare. I would really suggest trying it as a trap crop if you are going to try cabbage again in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking great. Jealous of the blueberries. Though we have a huge grape vine with about 50 bunches, we are so excited.

AJK said...

Hi Kory, thanks for the suggestion! I'll try growing that blue's hybrid chinese cabbage as a trap crop. I have to pick off the caterpillars every other day just to keep up right now. I've tried spraying a garlic,chili, organic dish soap mix with some success.

Hi Newlyweds, thanks for looking! Wow, I'm so jealous of your huge grape vine! Best wishes on your garden this year! My Blueberries are barely living..hehe