Friday, April 17, 2009

Garden Planning

Here's a map of our "new" homestead. We've made some changes when we moved in in Feb. Below is how it looked before we moved in, and following it is after, well we're still in progress of attaining all those vegetable beds. Most of the work you'll see is within the upper left corner of each image(backyard), and some on the lower half(front lawn).

2 comments: said...

Looks nice! Do you have a software you use for making this? Your back driveway look like a great place for lots of potted things to grow. If it was me I would rip out all the concrete.... imagine all the grow beds you could have!

AJK said...

I use a software called Adobe Illustrator, basically I drew it from scratch.(I've been in the animation biz in my *past* life so drawing is second nature) I wish I had the technical know-how that you do of softwares and computers rather...

Yeah, the plan is to break up the concrete eventually, but patience my friend! I'm more of a Jeavons' fan, do a small garden right, get it growing well, then expand.
Right now the concrete space is full of potted plants, and it's a great place for the sun-ovens.

The home has a strange plan, the garage opening is situation in the rear so you have to do a 3pt U turn to make it inside. Obviously that is too much effort, so we don't use the garage for that purpose, so the driveway is destined for removal!