Monday, April 6, 2009

Garden Updates

Here's a few shots of the seed starting shelves

yes, I know... it's styrofoam egg cartons... bad for the environment, but at least I used it for more than holding eggs.

The Garden beds coming along... only problem... actually quite a set back, the compost we purchased from a local rock/soil place put shredded wood that's been painted, and particle board, and composit wood chunks in it. There's pieces of plastic and glass in it as well... We mixed it all into the soil already on 3 beds before we realized this... sigh. So, the rest we'll do it the way we've been so far, buying Organic Compost from Home Depot.

2 comments: said...

Im late in starting my garden, but I'll be building my boxes in the next couple weeks! I hope to use the Mittleider Method of gardening this time around.

MN_homesteader said...

Be aware that HD compost also has some non-organic materials. We have found some pieces of plastic and glass in it.