Sunday, August 10, 2008

Slow Food to da Max...Pumpkin Pie Day

This is the smaller Pumpkin we harvested earlier. We think it got hybridized with the zucchini that is right next to it since the inside looked like a cross between the 2 types of squash. As it turns out, we toasted the pumpkin seeds in the sun oven later, and tried to eat them as pepinos, but there was nothing inside the seed shells! The hybrid was a mule!

This is HALF of the pumpkin. We slow cooked it in the Sun Oven, in 2 separate batches (2 days)

Here it is all cooked, it was sweet all on it's own with out the Maple Syrup, which the recipe calls for

We're putting the pumpkin through the hand cranked Food Mill.

Here we are turning the handle (no electricity useage here!)

Making the pie crust from scratch

Hand pinched ridges

pouring the pumpkin mix into the slightly baked crust

The finished product! If you include the time it took to grow this pumpkin, I'd say this pumpkin pie took 4 months to make!

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Thats just how my mom made it too.

Best. Pumpkin. Pie. Ever.