Sunday, August 10, 2008

Slow Food: Ratatouille

Here are all the Veggie Ingredients that go into the Recipe. The Peppers are from the Farmer's Market, the eggplant and crooked neck squash are cropswapped,the rest of the ingredients are homegrown.
Here's the dish before it goes into the oven for 2 hours.
The finished Dish.
MMMMmmmm, this dish was VERY labor intensive, but Caleb liked it a lot (it helped to see the movie)and he wants us to make this more often...(oooh boy). Total cooking time approx 4 hours. From the time we planted seeds for zukes and tomatoes, 3 months.
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Anonymous said...

Yay Ratatouille!! I love that movie! It's done so well. Great job on the dish. And once again congratulations on such a beautiful harvest.

AJK said...

Thanks M! It was really labor intensive...I think I'd rather make gyoza...hehe