Thursday, August 28, 2008

Garden Updates Aug 27th

So the weather's been up and down, it felt like Fall was coming last week, then the weekend, it got really hot again. I'm betting that we'll have a hot Indian Summer, so I planted more seeds. I planted 6 Brandywine tomato seeds...we'll see if they sprout. Things to do:I've GOT to get a net to protect my Nappa Cabbages from the birds! The yellow finches(i think) are eating them all up along with the tattered Sunflower leaves. I'm hoping the corn produce at least one little husk full of corn...hehe Oranges are at peak right now, the tangerines have small green fruits that are about 1.5" across. The persimmons are coming along nicely, some seem to have a slight tinge of yellow, a sign that it's ripening. I should take pics of those. The Sunflower is not being appreciative of the me... it's faced the other way. I guess that's where the sun rises. Next time I know to plant it where I can fully enjoy it's heady bloom.





Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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AJK said...

Yup, simplicity is good! I think I have had a very fulfilling year so far, tending to the earth, eating from it's bounty and learning that God is in control of nature. Changing my attitude helped a lot. I no longer want what others covet. I'm grateful for what I do have and cherish my family and friends. Shiny new Material Goods only bring momentary happiness, then ends in wanting better/more.

Kimbrah said...

A fellow gardener, YAY! I didn't get a chance to say it earlier, but welcome to the GentleChristianHomelearners group. I probably won't meet you until after our newest baby boy is born in the Fall. We are not in town, but I love the group so much that I try to make it to the occasional outing or day trip. I look forward to meeting you when I am ready to take my freak show on the road again. :)