Thursday, April 10, 2008

Solar madness

Well, it turns out the Rental place is out of stock, ( I guess they can't keep up with the demand right now) Possibly a good company to buy it's stocks from?
Since they are cleaned out, I've been looking for other options and came across this site:
The cost is much less because you build your own solar panels. (now if I can be smart enough to figure THAT out... lol)
I don't even know if I'm smart enough to figure out how many panels I'll need! hehe

I'll have to focus, not this inbetween saving work-files reading....

I'd have to brush up on soldering skills as well... my Dad used to do it all the time... it can't be that difficult...well, if you're trying to balance on the roof and solder at the same time, it might be...

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