Monday, April 21, 2008

Food Shortages in California

It seems like something that would happen in a 3rd world country... I wonder how long it will last... I wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg... if so, most of us are NOT ready. Are YOU?


Anonymous said...

here's more links on U.S. food rationing (in costco!):


blame it on ethanol, too much land use for corn because it is very profitable which takes up more land, land that was used for grain, soy, raising cows, etc.

Anonymous said...

although commodities supply/demand go in economic cycles (see genesis 41: 46-56).

On another topic, are you celebrating earth day?

here's a link about a blizzard forces a global warming event to celebrate inside a tent,

Anonymous said...

two tips to get ready for high commodity prices (it also effects the price of beer; i didn't know it was made from grain, i thought beer comes from urine), anyways:
1. eat bugs like man vs wild

2. $5 footlong subway sandwich

Anonymous said...

At a time of soaring food prices and concern over carbon emissions, George Bush needs to rethink his biofuel policy.

Anonymous said...

ethical consumerism:

Janice Kubo said...

And you voted for BUSH-wack?

Janice Kubo said...

we rely too much on others and petroleum based agriculture to provide for our basic needs. This is why I am on a quest to become more self-sustaining by growing my own food.

Yes, Ethanol is NOT the answer! We need food. to fill 25gallons of tank which is used up in a week, the amount of grain can feed a person for the entire year.

Perhaps plug-in hybrids are what we really need to gear the country towards with everyone getting solar panels too.

Janice Kubo said...

I'll be going to Pasadena Greening the Earth Day

Saturday, April 26, 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Memorial Park – 145 N Raymond Avenue, Pasadena