Thursday, April 17, 2008

I want to build a cob oven!

These are examples of what I'm hoping to build someday. OK, the frog shaped oven is really weird...I think I can do better...heheh. I have the materials to build with, our soil is heavy clay, and we have lots of unwanted old lava rock, gravel and discarded blocks to build the base with. Plus, every year we have to trim our fruit trees and I have kept a good amount of twigs and branches from those trims. Outdoor baking! The CO2 emissions from burning the wood isn't the best, but it is self-sufficiency at it's best!

The stew that I placed in the sun oven came out great! The broth was a bit needy in the flavor dept, stock would have had better taste. But now, my Mom took my sun oven! She says she can make better use of it during the day since I'm at the office for now. She's jacked my oven... arrggghhh... She said she baked yams this morning and it's the best tasting yams EVER. She said she's going to make soup's MY oven...she told me to buy another one....

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