Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beginnings of a mini farm

Here are green onions that have gotten huge ( I bought regular onions from the market, used the greens then put the white rooty part in a cup of water, changing the water everyday until new roots sprouted, them stuck them in the ground, and now they are monsterous! The finer greens in the back are Chinese Chives(very pungent, but yummy in potstickers)

The Baby Asian Pear with 3 different kinds of Pears Grafted on main limb. This should save some room in the garden, Instead of growing 3 different trees.

potatoes with lots of sprouts(sat in the pantry way too long...ewww) So instead of throwing them out we are planting them. (waste not want not!)

Here's some pics of the garden. Showing the new 8'x3' raised bed where we planted potatoes and peppers.

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