Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I got my Sun Oven!!!

This is the Global Sun Oven. I'll have my own Pics for you all later, but I'm very excited! I got my Sun Oven 2 days ago, and yesterday was a no go because our pool guy comes on Tuesdays. I grilled the stewing beef and chopped some veggies and put in some water in a pot and I set out my solar oven outside by the pool and aimed it at when the sun will be at noonish. If all goes well, we'll have beef stew still warm in the oven when we get home!!!

This past weekend, we planted pumpkin and zucchini seeds in the center bed. We still need to till the upper part of the center bed, then we will plant the cucumbers and cantaloupe there (curcubitae family) In the raised bed we planted potatoes, and bell peppers. Ther's a few tomato seedlings sprouting right by the bell pepper, so I'll transplant them about 2' away to give them more room (all of them the nightshade family)