Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Why am I doing this? It's not to escape, but it's my way of saying I want to be a good steward of this Earth that God has created. It's also my way of spending more time with the family. I feel I've lost precious time while I'm working dawn til dusk, and drag grouchy self home to see my family for a mere 2 hours. I don't see the point in continuing in that. I have little time on this Earth, and I want to make the best of it, esp with my closest kin. I'm not dying of any terminal illness, no, I'm just saying our life is just a vapor. I've let Caleb grow up for the past 3 years without me being around much, and it's time for a change. I also want to feed my family natural organic foods, not the junk they sell in the supermarkets that have pesticides, and artificial fertilizers! It's no wonder this world is SICK! Most Americans feed themselves over-processed sugar and fat laden food that has barely any nutrients that God had intended in the natural food, then they get sick from it, be it Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Strokes, Heart Attacks, Depression, you name it! I started eating Organic when Caleb was diagnosed with Multiple Food Allergies when he was 6 months old. We have not looked back since (although it's impossible to convince Tim to eat as healthy as us) Organic food is so much more tastier and I feel more energetic. I've realized (I have a sweet tooth and am a chocoholic) that when I stay away from sugar, I am much more positive and even tempered. So, going back to my reasons, I want to say NO to consumerism and the American way of Keeping UP with the Jones'!!! Humans don't NEED all that CRAP... we just need the basics, nutritious food, shelter, love and God. Everything else is someone else trying to make you believe you WANT/NEED it! I know my current life is far from these Ideals but THOSE are what I am going to strive for.


tennisfozzy said...

yay, your blog!

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ladyichigo said...

:) I'm glad for you.