Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh? hmm... Well, it CAN look like...(starts LOL)

I've seen a persimmon be suggestive, and now this fig.
Is it considered one fig or three?

Perhaps I should have left it covered with a "fig leaf"


Mr. H. said...

Too funny.:)

pelenaka said...

Oh my, you really should eat that quickly before the church ladies picket the garden. Then again it could be just me I tend to go to the naughty place all to quickly.

AJK said...

@ Pelenaka, me too, haha!

Anne said...

LOL!! I've had more than a few of those from my tomatoes.. but the most impressive was a huge horseradish. I didn't grow it, I bought it at a farmer's market and it was impressive enough to make a horse envious.

It was my best friend's birthday.. I had it delivered to her work (dinner rush at a restaurant). Displayed on top of flowers in a big box with a red ribbon. (evil grin) Of course everyone came running up to see.

Her Mom was there. Priceless. The reaction was even better. A lot of snickering.. her Mom only seeing a horseradish says loudly how delicious it looked.. and everyone then completely lost it.

I about died laughing. Almost dropped my tray of drinks. The girl who was never embarrassed.. was now beet red.

That started the war which ran for a year+.. and ended with the both of us shrink wrapping the chef's motorcycle to the lamppost.

Best bouquet I ever sent.

AJK said...

Oh Anne! Livin' the life! You and your friend are insane! LOL! Do you have pictures of the bouquet? That's a must see!

BLD in MT said...

That is quite the fig alright....


And Annie that story is hysterical!

Anne said...

I wish I had pictures!! Ah the days before digital... my daughter can't comprehend having to wait to see if a shot turned out.

One of her retaliations was drawn butter on my windshield.. in winter. lol crazy times. We were inseparable and always into something entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that God definitely has a sense of humor!