Sunday, September 4, 2011

Homegrown Meals, Sept 3rd. 2011

I didn't get much time to take pic of the foods I make almost daily. Here's what I have...

This one is like a Bibimbap. It has HG(Home Grown) Green Beans, HG Carrots, farmer's market brown onion, ground turkey and sweetened with fig jam. All piled on steaming organic rice. I'm sorry my photos are a bit out of focus.

Hiyashi Chuka (冷し中華) with homegrown Cucumbers, Carrots and Myoga. The other items are organic eggs from the farmer's market (the eggs are really supposed to be fried really thin, then julienned, but we were hungry!), mung-bean sprouts, organic turkey bacon, Tapioca verimicelli noodles, with home-made sauce: (organic gluten free soy-sauce, toasted sesame seed oil, organic rice vinegar, organic raw agave nectar & water) .
Cucumber Kimchee in the making: HG Cucumbers, HG mashed Figs, HG Orange(juiced), HG Garlic Chives, Salted Grunion Roe (from when we went Grunion hunting). Other ingredients include organic paprika, sea salt, and shaved bonito flakes.  We let the fruits ferment for a day on the counter, then refrigerate.
Homemade lasagna. The sauce is a combination of HG and canned tomato sauce. HG Peppers and HG Zucchinis are hiding under the organic soy cream cheese, and "Tinkyada" gluten free lasagna noodles.

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