Saturday, September 10, 2011

Harvest Updates, Sept 10

Our first Fuji Apple of the season! It's BIG, very big! It weighed in at 12.5 oz (354 g) It was a bit under-ripe though. Still, it was juicy, even though it was slightly tart it was pleasantly sweet.  Don't worry, we didn't let him eat the whole thing by himself! (although he would have preferred that) He's just pretending to take a bite out of it.

And a Mango!
Here it is ripened, such a pretty red!
There were more produce we picked, I just didn't feel like taking a photo of the ugly carrots, nor the over-excessive New Zealand Spinach.
In the middle you see some brown roots, that's burdock.
Can't wait to make Kinpira Gobo(きんぴらごぼう)!


pelenaka said...

WOW ! Which one has grown more the apple or the apple of your eye ?

You grow wonderful treasures.

AJK said...

Thanks Pelenaka! I'm pretty amazed at the apple's girth! It was soon after I manured it with aged horse poop, that the size of the apples just took off! The apple of my eye is growing steady but surely and his intellect has grown twice as fast. Amazing how kids pick things up in a snap.

BLD in MT said...

Holy cow! That is some apple there!

ben said...

wow~ big harvest. so fresh the fruit.