Monday, September 5, 2011

Exciting Things

Well, I don't have a picture of either, but the first exciting thing is that it rained some last night!  Come Autumn rains! We need you so badly!  It was just a spit in the bucket, but better than nothing.

The second exciting thing is that Tim finally finished the Grape Vine Trellis in the front garden! He finished tonight, and it was a bit too dark for me to take a pic of.  So, first thing tomorrow, I'll snap a shot or two to show it off. :-)

Now, the next step would be to start digging to prep the soil for the Kyohou grape vine.  Also, we'll need to strip the lawn under the trellis and place the cobble stones in! Then, we'll need to re-upholster the yard-sale purchased table set. Oh, I love it when projects start coming together!

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BLD in MT said...

Good for you! It is soooooo nice when a long awaited or highly anticipated project comes to fruition. Hooray!