Saturday, September 3, 2011

Harvest Updates, Sept 3rd

This face looks like a Muppet! Can't wait for the Movie to come out! I hope they don't ruin Jim Henson's legacy... We are drowning in figs as you can see!
NZ Spinach. We have SOOOO much!
Kabocha pumpkins curing in the morning sun.
We're still harvesting Strawberries, TONS of figs, Cucumbers, Peppers, Beans, Eggplants, Apples and a bit of Okra
Shiso ready to be salted and "massaged" (Shiomomi 塩揉み).
More yummy peaches from our neighbor! :-D (We take them figs, they bring us peaches, sweet deal!)
We are inundated with FIGS!
More of the same...just another day...oh there's Kidney Beans in this one though..
Garlic Chives(にら) just cut from the garden, washed and ready to be cut, to put into the Cucumber Kimchee.
Strawberry delight
Dragon Whiskers on top, Figs, Cukes, Okra, Beans, and strawberries
yes, more New Zealand Spinach... Maybe I'll try to do a souffle...naaah, too much work...


Hill Country Slacker said...

wow, quite the harvest. i need to be your neighbor! my garden this year was not good. too hot this year in texas.

AJK said...

Hi Hill Country Slacker, thanks for dropping by, I'm sorry about your garden, I've heard about the terrible droughts and incredible heat. I hope fall will be better for you. Do you grow year-round? Texas is perfect for that.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

So artistic the way you displayed your vegies and fruits. I too, wish we were next store neighbors. No bees to pollinate the cucumbers and zuchinni, 12 tomato plants with about 10-15 tomatos total. Weather wet and too much shade, has been hot the last couple of weeks, but fall is on her way and the growing season is coming to an end. We live in WI. Snow and cold is around the corner.

BLD in MT said...

Beautiful as always, Janice.

AJK said...

@ Louise: I'm so sorry to hear you have no bees to pollinate your crops. Wow, snow just around the corner, in a way, I wish we could have some snow, today was 97°F and the next 2 days are supposed to be 104°F! The nights are about 40°F difference and we'll be at 64°F.

@BLD: Thanks Beth! :-)

@ Hill Country Slacker: I hope the terrible fires are not affecting you, stay safe.