Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is an OUTRAGE! Government punishing productive Hobby Farmer

Government punishing productive Hobby Farmer

"His crime is growing too many crops for the property’s zoning in Clarkston, GA."

Say WHAT????

"Miller is not an illegal alien, isn’t growing anything illegal, isn’t asking for government hand-outs or bail-outs, works with his own hands and skills on his own land to provide food for himself and others… so yeah, punishing the productive is the bullying government’s narrow path of action."

Everyone of you just trying to be good stewards out there, WE ARE IN DANGER of the same crime imposed on us!
We need to find a way to help him and fight this madness.  If you are trying to grow more food for health, or for the earth's health or both,  he is one of us.


Tracy Wood said...

Less government = More freedom. Simple math.

BLD in MT said...