Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Harvest Updates: Jan 4th, 2012

Here's some Mitsuba about to be thrown into the hotpot full of veggies and thinly sliced pork, right before we eat!

Chayotes and a Valencia Orange
Baby Broccoli and the last eggplant
our first ever Luffa (not for eatin'!) for scrubbing dishes with. :-)
Avocados were gifted by Tim's brother, from his dwarf Haas tree. Thanks!
Another gift, apples from a home garden
Our lettuce greens
Our seasonal fruits: Guava, Orange and a bit of Strawberries. The Strawberries are a treat, since they don't produce much at all this time of year.
Now for some root crops: This one is a harvest of Sunchokes
Sweet Potatoes of variety
Below are some very tiny baby potatoes, we decided that the red potatoes were beyond saving after the frost kill. The long tubers are Gobo, or Burdock.
More lettuce
Dandelion Greens
Tree Collard
And a load of Navel Oranges we gave away.


pelenaka said...

You are amazing! With each pic I can see all the hard work & planning that your family puts into your garden.

AJK said...

Aww shucks pelenaka, we really aren't as organized as you think! We're still learning the ropes on when is a good time to plants things seasonally and such. Some things are just plain luck(blessings!). We've had a better harvest from the volunteer sweet potatoes that came up from last year's harvest (missed a few small tubers I guess) than the actutal planted beds!

Thanks for dropping by and Happy New Year!