Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Front Garden Updates

The front Garden is starting to wake up from the winter slumber already
This area is the long strip that is planted with Asparagus (Jersey Knight). I planted some Peas and Fava Beans and they have started to sprout, but I noticed these mushrooms before the Pea sprouts, mushrooms are so cute. :-) Does anyone know what these are called? I wouldn't eat them, but I wish I knew what they were called.
Here you can see the Pea sprouts on the sides of the mushroom trio
Pansies grown from seed, they just sprout where the parent plant was, we'll move them sometimes so that they'll line up in a nice ring around the Persimmon tree.
Lupine seedling
Rose and Rock
Succulent Blossoms
"Alauria" our front garden peach tree
Pretty asparagus berries...the neighbor's wall looks almost like sky or snow, ha!
wildflowers on the east-side of the house
Wintering (Fuji) apple
Sleeping beauty, (Akane) apple
Avocado (Haas)

Avocado (Haas) blossoms

Plants growing under the Avocado tree are pretty much self-sown right now. Cosmos, Edible Ice Plant, Johnny Jump-ups, Royal Purple bush-beans and Purple Orach. Along with the Blue Basil pictured at the base of the tree in the full-tree picture above

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