Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Selling our produce, a Journey

I mentioned that one of my goals this year, was to find a way to sell some of our extra produce.
Well, this:
just fell into my lap! This is so awesome!
Basically, they are allowing us to sell our produce, as long as there is no pesticides or herbicides on the crop.
I just wrote them an email so, we shall see how this goes. Unfortunately, it's held on a Sunday...and I attend church....hmmm. It is a once a month event.


1916home.net said...

That is awesome! Easy to get to... just up the street off of Lake Ave. I will have to check this out. Good luck with it.

pelenaka said...

Maybe you can wholesale your extras to a vendor that is already there ?

BLD in MT said...

That would be really cool. Growing and selling produce is Matt's dream for the future. I hope you are able to figure something out.