Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumn Harvests

First Harvest of "Satsuma Mikan" Mandarine, White Guava, and some strawberries.
Our last Zucchini, Chinese Lettuce and a bit of strawberries
Experimenting with indoor lettuce.
Yams, Limes (foraged), and Rugen Alpine strawberries
More Strawberries, and a lovely Fuji apple!
Lettuce, Bitter Melon, Onion (hiding), White Sesame Seeds (lower right corner)
White Guavas, and one Mikan.
Ruby Yams from the front yard!
Lots of Sun-chokes and more to come!
Tender baby lettuce greens.


dave said...

So tell me more about indoor lettuce :) seems like it needs a blog post all its own!

AJK said...

Hi Dave, thanks for stopping by! Well, we are buying lettuce during the summer months and we don't like how tough they are... we figured Lettuces enjoy cool weather, and indoors is cooler than outdoors during summer months, so we are experimenting with growing lettuces indoors. It was just one "head" if you can call it a head...hehe... It sort of bolted towards the end, but the leaves were tender! My Mom wants to try to grow more next summer, so currently Tim (hubby) is making a larger window sill to accomodate the pots. It's the kitchen window and it gets a good dose of morning sun and stays cool in the afternoon.