Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumn Garden

This is a delayed post as I took this set of pictures before I left for a 1 week trip to Barcelona.
Autumn Mums with Fever Few
Next year's strawberries being nurtured in pots
Satsuma Mandarins turning color.  Now many are ripe! I'll post more pics later since I have several weeks off from work due to a Hiatus!
White Guavas galore!
The new member of our family, Musa Mahoi.
It's supposed to fruit 2 bunches of bananas instead of just 1!
It's also a semi-dwarf reaching only 10' instead of 15'~20'.
Dwarf Mango is getting settled in. It was planted about 3' from the spot the poor pear tree had succumbed to fire blight.
Carrots growing along side garlic chives. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us there are a LOT of root knot nematodes here. I just discovered that when I started thinning these carrots last week. :-(  I think I will have to splurge for the Dragon Fire SSP spray or some sesame cakes. Will need to research which is better. Anyone have any experience with the Dragon Fire?
View of the Garden from the east side of the garden.
We decided to take out one of the beds that was hugging this wall. We need a space just to mix soil, process large branches and composting materials. We had been using the large open space we opened up this past spring, but this weekend, we are finally bringing more dirt we found from San Dimas. I'll post pics of that soon!
Garden beds from the west side

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Mr. H. said...

Your strawberries look like they are doing really well. Those are some pretty loaded fruit trees you have there...everything looks very nice.