Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Garden Updates, new DIRT!

So! here's the new dirt we've been talking about! Exciting, but we found LOTS of rocks in it, so we'll have to clean those rocks from the beds.
taking out the pebbles
just a small portion of the rocks that came with the dirt fill, we have a big job to do cleaning this new dirt!
Garlics, onions, chinese lettuce, romaine lettuce, snow peas, celery seedlings, napa cabbage, cabbages, and in the foreground tall marigolds
Lori basking in the morning sun
Here's the yams before frost damage
Frost damaged the yams, so out they came! You can see our second harvest in the updates
After cleaning...must plant something else now!


Mr. H. said...

Your gardens are looking really good and your cat could be our cats twin.:) Cleaning all that dirt does indeed look to be a big job.

Katie said...

I may not garden anymore, but I still love...adore your blog and am inspired by all you do. Thanks for sharing!