Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"New" Civic Hybrid!

Since I started working, we've been needing an extra car. My husband and I need to drive to work, and my Mom needs to get around to shuttle our son and do her own things. I had my eyes set for the up and coming Nissan Leaf: All Electric Beauty but, alas our family's urgency met fate. The Leaf doesn't come out until December, and even then it's first come first served on the sign up list.  So, I decided to buy a certified used vehicle. I got it for a good price, ($16K) considering it was an '07 with only 10K miles on it. New ones start at $26K.
Finally, a car that meets me halfway on how I feel about oil.


pelenaka said...

Congrads on the new to you car. Sorry for the reason you needed it (employment).

AJK said...

Thanks pelanaka! I know... sigh.. employment...it's a love/hate thing. I want to save money for land purchase, solar panels, etc. It won't happen unless I have work.

control systems limited said...

what a beautiful car and the colour is perfect