Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homegrown Meals

Steamed Kabocha pumpkin
Spaghetti Sauce with all kinds of garden veggies
Okra..this is cooked. We enjoy it with some gluten-free soy-sauce and some bonito flakes
Dried Daikon being pickled as "Fukujinzuke"

Green Beans blanched for snacking
Soy yogurt, fozen HG Loquats, gifted Peaches in this "gelato".
Green and Red Tomatoes about to be processed
Here they are, all done. Also some refrigerator Fig Jam!


Mr. H. said...

What time is dinner? Everything looks delicious...I like how you make your sauce.

AJK said...

Hahaha Mr. H! Thanks for the compliments! I'm sure your garden/foraging fare is much more lovely. ;-)