Thursday, August 19, 2010

Harvest Updates

Aug 14:
I didn't have time to take pictures of the other harvests that morning
Aug 16
Aug 17
Aug 18


Mr. H. said...

Another fine assortment of food from the garden. I just read your last post and love that the boy is learning to build with his Dad.:)

AJK said...

Hi Mr. H.! Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, we're very excited that our son loves to help out. His attention span isn't all that long yet but, little advances! After the beds are made, the chicken coop is in the plans!

Mr. H. said...

I can't wait to see the chickens, how exciting.:)

doing 40 said...

You inspire me to start growing something!

I'm big on farmer's markets & organic produce - but have yet to even consider growing my own.... I'm afraid my sister got the green thumb in our family! I love your site :)

Lopez Plunkett said...

Beautiful! What a lovely pic of your veggies. It always makes me feel like I'm doing something wonderful for my family when I have yummy , organic veggies and fruits to prepare our meals. Your meals probably radiate with love! What an inspiration!

AJK said...

Thanks "L"! The harvests have slowed down a lot since most of the summer crops are now done. We're gearing up for fall/winter crops. You have a beautiful family! Eating organic is a sure way to keep them healthy and as strong as they can be. Our son has life-threatening food allergies and that is what got us started on our quest for whole, organic nourishing foods.