Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flowers of Summer

Bees are busy on the Oregano blossoms (tiny white flowers).


flask said...

update on me:

i have learned to make a good zucchini bread that i made with local zucchini and local goat cheese. the olive come from far away, but hey, it's at least real food.

i'm clearing some space to maybe plant some things next year and i'm thinking about some indoor plants for the winter and i'm going to start going to the farmer's markets before i go to the grocery store.

small steps, but you're an inspiration.

AJK said...

thanks for dropping by flask! I really enjoy hearing from fellow bloggers! :-) Small steps are what amount to climbing the mountain! Keep up the great work! I still have a lot of trimming to do in terms of eating locally. Especially meat products and flours. It might be impossible to eat completely off the land on a small plot like mine...but if we all take small steps it will better the world