Saturday, December 26, 2009

Garden Updates

The super cold snap hurt our Mandarin crop. It froze the fruits and we didn't notice the damage until there were many with mold growing from the frost damage.
Mom harvesting what's remaining.
the damaged crops, can't tell from this pic, but they do have black mold on them. sigh...
The Persimmon Tree was finally planted. Unfortunately, some cats got into a scratching fever and scratched the small trunk of the tree, so up went the tree cages.
Here's a close up on the tree cage
T and C preparing the newest garden bed. This will be our 7th rectangular bed


pelenaka said...

You have quite the farm ! I enjoy all the pics that you post!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to suggest coco mulch to keep cats away from the trees. We had a problem with stray cats digging up our garden and some suggested it and it works :0)


AJK said...

Thanks pelenaka! I enjoy your blog too!

Thanks Suburban Simplicity, it's a good tip. I've read that coco mulch is toxic to dogs though, and we have Happy. Most of the time, he is in the backyard, but sometimes he comes out to the front to play, I don't want him or other dogs to be poisoned by it. I've read the smell is attractive to them and they will eat it.