Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cooooold! Frozen!

After the rains, the clouds left and the wind grew colder and colder. Last night, when I came back from class (10:30) I knew the cold will be deep and the tender crops would be damaged. So, I rustle up my husband and Mom and we all went out in the cold to cover up some of the tender plants. We moved our potted avocado and mango tree into the garage and pushed the potted tomato right up against the warmer northeast wall under the eaves. Good thing we did, it really froze last night. Here's some pics I snapped this morning:
"someone" left the wheel barrel out again, WITH rainwater in it... the water froze!
frost on the peas
baby Lettuce being protected by cardboard as a quick fix.
Cucumber tented up

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