Sunday, December 6, 2009

Garden Updates

Southern California's Autumn/Winter is a bit strange, we have things growing that like spring temps and some even summer temps. We get the chilly frost in Jan for the most part, but the last few nights have been pretty cold.
Green tomatoes still growing
Peppers...we harvested and cut down the plants today. Cilantro seedlings were growing under it so now they have a chance to enjoy the mellow winter sun
Peas in full bloom
Backyard Satsuma Mandarin curtain!
Getting ready for a new bed
Nappa Cabbages starting to pick up speed. We can see it's growth daily.
Baby Lettuce
Cucumbers in December
Kale starting to grow their true leaves
Asian Pear displaying full Autumn color
Flowers still blooming? yep
I don't even know what this plant is called, beautiful leaves tho.
Violets that reseeded themselves are blooming
taken from the breakfast nook inside the house

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pdxlisa said...

Oh, your photos are making me miss California. And I am sooooooo jealous of your Satsuma Mandarin curtain.