Thursday, November 12, 2009


Jiro(or Fuyu) persimmon is the one with the orange leaves. Once the leaves fall off, it will go dormant, so it will be a perfect time to plant it into the ground, in the front yard! I'll post pics when it goes in the front.


Kory said...

are persimmons pruned and trained similar to an apple or pear tree?

AJK said...

our resident orchard specialist (my mom) says: they are mostly similar,both are pruned in the winter after the leaves have fallen. For persimmons she usually cuts off all the branches that produced fruit this year and keeps only the new shoots. We don't have a producing apple tree yet, but with our asian pear, she says that you would count 5 leaf buds from the base of the branch then trim off the rest. Trimming off weak, thin and criss-crossing branches on any tree and creating good air circulation prevents diseases. Hope this helps a bit