Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Garden

Here is our garden from the east side
Here's the shot from the west side
close up on the napa cabbage bed, the frilly stuff is hairy vetch(green manure) tiny sprouts are more napa cabbage planted later. We're trying out the "let's see how many napa cabbage plants we can squeeze in?" method. Of course we'll be thinning out as we go.
red leaf and romaine Lettuce sprouting
the newest member of our garden: the Chaya plant. known to be more nutritious than spinach and touted to cure diabetes! But must be cooked well(20 min) to nullify the oxalic acid which is toxic to us.(sun oven would be perfect for this) It's supposed to be disease/pest free. Only negative: frost sensitive.
late cucumbers doing well
The last tomato plant in our garden, actually doing very well without disease and in a pot!(15 gal)
Loquat tree blossoming slightly earlier than normal
Peppers growing decently
British Wonder Shelling Peas are growing OK. I was disappointed with the germination percentage. I'd say only 40% came up

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