Saturday, November 21, 2009

Garden Updates

Chrysanthemum in a pot by the lettuce and Garlic
Loquat blossoms in full bloom. They smell like honey and the bees love 'em.
Our loner tomato
The Japanese Cukes that are preventing the 6th raised bed from going in!
What a pretty Romaine, lettuce that is.
Shelling peas coming along
Peppers in November, yup!
Napa cabbages are everywhere!
Can you find the "Confused Pear"? Yes, the leaves are starting to change color, it's Nov. But the tree flowered after we had our first load of pears and it produced a few more in the same season!
African Blue Basil, we are so amazed by this plant. Our bee-keeper friend brought it as a gift in the summer. We've cloned it and it's just taken over the herb garden.
The ever bearing bitter melon. There's 3 just in this pic and it's still flowering.
Satsuma Mikans are ripening! (backyard)


David Sneiders said...

Hi J,

Such a beautiful garden in this Indian Summer 2009. Amazing how the African Blue basil has grown so prolific. Bees are all over mine as well & they're loving it.

I was curious about the stevia. Its flowering but when do you pick flowers to save the seeds? Hope the swarm catch hive will see swarm soon or at least the water control box,lol.

A Great Thanksgiving from the garden, Cheers, David

AJK said...

Hi David! Thanks for checking on my blog. The Stevia is best if you clone the plant, not save seeds as the seeds will not produce the same quality in terms of sweetness of the leaves. Happy Thanksgivings to you and your family too!