Monday, June 29, 2009

My Urban Homesteading Knowledge Pantry

I love books, educational books to be exact...I'm not one that likes to waste time on Romance Novels and such. I try to read whenever I can, to learn as much as I can about living a self-sustainable life. Our generation grew up not knowing how to really take care of ourselves. Everything is automated for us. Everthing is pre-packaged and ready to pop into the microwave. Sure we're tech savvy, but is that really going to keep us alive if the grocery stores and restaurants went empty one day? Our grandparents knew so much more in terms of taking care of themselves. They grew their own food, or hunted/gathered, preserved it, and made their own garments/bedding, and took care of their livestock. We've lost all of that amazing knowledge in just 2 generations. It's very sad, and books/internet are pretty much all that we will have soon to "re"learn all this.
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pelenaka said...

I'd be lost without access to the written word on all types of homesteading rual or urban although I do perfer the latter subject. The majority of the new old skills that I have learned or am attempting to learn have all been gleaned from books, magazines and internet sites.
Certainly wasn't from my parents who ran as far away from farm life as their legs could take them.