Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden Updates

Eggplant and Tomato bed in front, Beans in middle & Melons and Cukes in back
another angle: Left, melons/cukes. Middle:beans. Right, tomatoes/eggplants
Petit Gris Melons coming along. Unfortunately our mild weather has wreaked havoc on the curcurbits with powdery mildew. The pumpkins are covered, but are almost ready for harvest so we're not treating them. But the melons and cukes are just beginning, so I made a concoction of Potassium bicarbonate, orange oil, garlic tea and biodegradable soap to fight the powdery mildew. For now it's stopped the mildew from spreading, but the damage is apparent.
Another watermelon growing, so far just 2! lol! This one is about 5" long.
Kyohou grapes starting to blush
Black Beauty Eggplant blossoms. They're definitely beauties.
Tomatoes starting to get the glossiness. Once this occurs, it won't be long until they start blushing red.

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