Friday, June 5, 2009

Garden Updates

It actually rained today and the day before! That is RARE here in SoCal.

Strawberries still coming!(everbearing)
A view from the east side of the veggie patch: In front is a dwarf Mango. The left bed has Tomatoes and Eggplants(Roma, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Millionaire eggplant), the middle bed has bushbeans(Green and Royal Purple that are acting like pole beans) and the right bed has the melons and cucumbers(Petit Gris musk melon, Thai watermelon, Armenian Cukes, and Japanese Cukes)
Kabocha Pumpkins, the leaves are startling to get the typical powdery mildew already
Redleaf lettuce
The tomato and eggplant bed closeup
Bean bed upclose
Melon/Cuke bed
Asian Pears coming along
Thornless blackberry on left, lots of wild strawberries in the ground along with violets.
Broccoli and one of the remaing Kale
 New Zealand Spinach with Japanese Myoga:


Katie said...

I love to see pictures of how and what other people are growing. It definitely gives one ideas about spacing and inspiration!

Little Ant said...

You grow such wonderful things that are unusual to me. I just love it. How much time do you spend each day in your garden? It looks absolutely beautiful.

HermitJim said...

Your garden is always so pretty, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing them...

AJK said...

Thanks for checking in Katie and Little Ant! I share my time with my Mom in the garden. She does the morning watering, branch prunings, flower maintainance & fruit thinning . I do most of the heavier digging, tilling, the seed planting & seed keeping. We both keep an eye out for harmful bugs and also harvesting. Our unusual selection probably stems from our Japanese heritage, and the desire to plant food crop anywhere and everywhere. We love shade crops because we have lots of fruit trees and they make lots of shade. Myoga and the wild straweberries are 2 of those examples. If you notice, the myoga by the orange tree is much happier and taller than the outskirt plants.