Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May 2009 Harvest Tally

Cabbage                      22.30lbs

Loquat                         12.76 lbs

Radishes                       06.00 lbs

Kale                            04.63 lbs

Papaya (gift)                 03.00 lbs

Tangerines                    02.00 lbs

Lemons (gift)                01.00 lbs

Strawberries                 23.25 oz

Garlic                           14.5 oz

Chinese chives  10.0 oz

Artichoke                     06.5 oz

NZ Spinach                  09.0 oz

Green onions                06.5 oz

Wild Strawberry          00.5 oz


Pounds tallied:             45.69 lbs

Ounces tallied: 70.25 oz = 4.39 lbs


Total:                            50.08 lbs


1916home said...

THAT is extremely impressive!!!!

marisa said...

I'm so jealous of your climate! I was so excited when I got 7 oz. of lettuce in May.

pelenaka said...

Congradulations on your harvest so far.

AJK said...

Thanks 1916home, marisa and plenaka! Hopefully the yeild will be higher this month with the pumpkins trickling in... and maybe a few tomatoes.

Little Ant said...

What a haul there Janice. That is awesome and certainly an impressive harvest thus far. Great job.