Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Harvest Updates & Home Cooking

Here's some lovely kale I picked. It's not much, but it'll make a nice soup or a sautee.

Here's just some of the herbs I collected for making home-made "sausages". We're trying to live a more simple life, be less dependent on markets and stores. We still have a long way to go, but we were buying ready-made sausages that were 10 oz/box, costing $4.59 each and going through about 6 boxes a month. So, each ounce costs us $0.459. It may not sound like much, but add up 6 boxes and you have $27.50. I bought some ground turkey from the Co-Op, and made a 36 0z slab of patty that I cut up. Each ounce of that cost me $0.202, which is a 56% cost cut! So if I were to "buy" 6 boxes worth of my own sausages, I'd be paying $12.12. I can live with that! Sure it's more work, but any little bit of money will help, esp now-a-days.

Here's the finished "sausages" being cut up. I *could* roll the ground turkey mixture into nice little sausage shapes, but that'll take many more hours than spreading the stuff onto the sheet! I've gotta make things easy for myself since we make so much stuff from scratch already!

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