Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Homegrown, Homemade food

Garden Bok Choi
Garden Broccoli

Garden Stir Fry, Yum!

This is just a pot of veggie soup with veggies from the Farmer's Market and the Co-Op.

Here's some New Zealand Spinach, I love this thing, it is SOOO tough and prolific, it just about grows anywhere, unlike real spinach, which is quite delicate. This New Zealand stuff loves the summer heat too, so it can be grown almost year-round here.

I made a spinach omlet thingy with it, it was good!


Kory said...

how does the taste do nz spinach compare to regular spinach?

and btw, I am jealous of your omlette skills, for some reason mine always come out looking like a trainwreck.

AJK said...

Hi Kory,
the NZ spinach has a slightly rougher texture than the regular, but all in all it tastes the same to me.

The omlet, you first sautee the veggies in med high heat, then have the eggs beat in a separate bowl. Reduce the heat to med low, and if you want to cook the veggies mixed into the omlet, you just pour the egg mix into the skillet and push it around just a bit to make sure the veggies are surrounded. If you want the veggies inside like the egg is a pocket, then you take the veggies out and set it aside, then pour the egg mixture in, let it cook halfway, then put the veggies back in on one side of the egg "pancake" the egg should be slightly raw on the surface at this point, then gently fold the omlet over to have it finsh cooking. If you want to be thoughrough about cooking the egg more, you can gently flip it over. and Voila! Omlet!