Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crop gift and Harvests

These gorgeous bananas were a gift. They were grown locally in Hacienda Heights! Can't wait to ripen them. We're putting them in a brown bag with some apples in hope that they'll ripen. Does anyone know a different way of ripening them?

Here are some gnarly carrots and a few overwintered cherry tomatoes


pelenaka said...

I am soo incredibly jealious. Reminds me of my Abuela's place in Puerto Rico. You are blessed!

1916home.net said...

Im no expert on carrots but Ive read that sifting the soil where you'll grow carrots helps them grow nice and straight. Either way, they still taste the same :)

AJK said...

Thank you Pelenaka, we are indeed blessed.

1916home.net, Our soil was the hardest dead-pan clay...now that I've moved it's much better in the top 16" but after that it get's pretty hard. Sifting the soil sounds good. thanks!