Friday, September 26, 2008

Harvest Updates Sept 19~Sept 26

Nappa Cabbage, zucchini, tomatoes and one blackberry

Amaranth, these are dried, then "massaged" to harvest the tiny seeds

more tomatoes, okra and a miniscule broccoli

dirty red potatoes, the rug is outside, don't worry

1st persimmon, some blackberries, okras, oranges and a tiny strawberry

Zucchini, greenbeans, tomatoes, orange and 1 blackberry

Oranges, peppers, tomatoes, greenbeans, okra, blackberries, 1 strawberry and 1 snowpea

persimmons(notice they are rather green, we have to beat the squirrels to them),tomatoes, greenbeans, mini pumpkin(the mystery squash) & 1 blackberry

persimmons, pumpkins, okras, tomatoes, greenbeans and potatoes

ordinary oranges

more nappa cabbages...kimchee here I come!


Amy said...

I'm just so jealous of your crops! At our old place we had TONS of room to garden. The only issue I had was that all the room was at the back of the 1/2 acre lot, and there was no water spicket back there and our hose wasn't long enough. So it usually died out when I got tired ot dragging a huge watering can back and forth.

Now I have less room, but a better watering system and layout. So I'm stalking your blog for good tips and ideas...and mostly inspiration. :)

AJK said...

Wow you guys had 1/2 an acre! We just have the edges of the yard. It's a fairly large backyard but not even close to 1/2 acre. Plus the lawn and pool take up most of the space. So the Veggies are grown along the walls which aren't that spacious. I'm still learning as I go, and many things are experimental. We might be moving too, although it's not set in stone yet.