Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Canning Pasta Sauce

Did you wonder if we ate ALL those Tomatoes we kept harvesting? We did eat some, gave many away, but they kept coming at one point. These are some of the left-overs. Before they spoiled, we decided to we ought to attempt our very first "serious" canning session. We had a total of 13.5lbs of Tomatoes. The crazy thing is, I thought that was a lot of Tomatoes, but the Ball "Book of Canning" called for a Recipe of 45lbs! So we calculated it to fit our poundage. We used homegrown Tomatoes and Basil, Farmers Market Onions, Co-Op Garlic and Organic Lemon Juice. Tim helped me a LOT with this, since everything needs to happen quickly. Thanks Tim!

Aren't these pretty?


ladyichigo said...

Yay for tomatoes!! And Yay for Tim for helping you!

1916home.net said...

Looks good to me! Im a sucker for pasta sauce.