Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Updates

This past weekend we were able to get some used wood. Initially we were planning on using them for grapevine trellises but the wood is fairly old so we decided to make raised beds out of them. They will be used for Zones Q and R where the lawn strips are. Baked another batch of bread this weekend. Seems like baking 2 loaves every 2 weeks does the trick. Here's a bunch of pics that should have been posted a while back. Enjoy!

Got a late start on okra and broccoli. Thyme is in the middle. Zone M
the little blueberry bushes(there's 2 in there I promise!)
the grape vines we purchased. Waiting for room where the Heavenly Bamboo is planted, right behind them. Zone P
more peppers and a grapefruit. There's more grapefruit... I don't like grapefruit...anyone want some?
Zones G, H, and I: Zucchinis, Pumpkin, Lettuce(bolted) Cucumbers, Radishes, Bok Choi and now mostly gone Spinach.
Buckwheat seedlings sprouting in the clay soil, hopefully they'll do a good job breaking it up and adding some nitrogen and all that good stuff.
Peppers growing in Zone D's raised bed.
Cutting down the pink bush in Zone F


tennisfozzy said...

I love grapefruit. give me some. thanks!

AJK said...

ok, you need to come by my place!