Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't do this

I'm sure you probably think I'm a Ditz for doing this... but here it goes: I have Blackberries, they are red right now and as soon as they turn black, the Birds peck them all up! So, being frustrated that I hardly get any of the yummy berries I've watered everyday, I go and get white plastic grocery bags to cover up some of the crops. I didn't tie them tightly, so I thought maybe it'll be OK...NOPE! The one's in the bags got cooked (steamed) and now they are either white/grey or shriveled up.... LOL So, DON'T try this at home! hehehe

For those of you who have berries, what do you do? Investing in a bird net might be the bright idea, yeah?


Weeping Sore said...

I'd go with the net. The birds might even be able to get to the top layer of netted berries, but by removing the net, you should be able to harvest those below.
Suggest you take some old tube socks, cut the toes out, and slip them on your arms before picking. That's not a fashion statement, it's to protect you from thorns.

AJK said...

Thanks for the tips! However, I have a thornless variety (didn't want my son to get poked by them) so no worries there... now for the net... hardware store?