Friday, December 23, 2011

We lost our Potato crop :-(

 Sooooo SAD today!!
Last night I tucked the Taters and the Peppers and Tomatoes under plastic covers and made sure to light the tea lights. I even added an extra tea light at 2am. Unfortunately, Tim had to go to work early and he is the one that takes the covers off in the morning. Normally he takes them off around 8am. This morning, he took them off around 6:45am. I asked him if the plants had frozen within the plastic, but he said he was rushed and didn't check to see if the plants were frozen inside the plastic. I would think that it's noticeable to see frozen leaves so my guess is that the plants froze AFTER he took them off. Further investigation lends to my assumption, as there are smaller plants that remained in the green house shelter  and were fine.  Tim told me he didn't want me to be upset that he didn't take the plants' covers off before he left. I told him just to tell me that he hadn't done it yet so I can remove it before the sun gets too hot. I wished he had done so instead of suffering such a loss. Plants become like children. Making sure their warm every night, going out in freezing temps to add a new tea light in...

This is the *BEFORE* picture taken a few days ago. the most foreground plant is the eggplant

Here are the potatoes today
Closer inspection. See the terra cotta pot? That's where we place the tea light
A different angle... :'-(  waaaaaaah
Eggplant shriveled up too. The peppers are limp too. Heavy sigh...

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