Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crazy Winds!!

We drove to Whole Foods near Pasadena, and this is what we found!
The winds ripped off the façade on the roof!
Fallen limbs of trees larger than the poles that carry the Walk/Don't walk sign! Note the home in the background, their vinyl trellis is twisted as well.
We couldn't believe the crazy way the electric pole was just snapped! Looks like a giant took it with it's hands and bent it till it cracked. Needless to say, many homes are without power.
Half of the tree gone! The other half quite bowed
Someone's Tent/tarp temporary car port strewn on the lawn like chicken wire
Telephone pole 1 snapped in the middle and 1 bent, causing the live wires to touch the street. Somehow, the signals are still functioning.

More pictures on my son's blog


pelenaka said...

How did u make out ? The garden ?
I remember the Santa Anna winds when I was a child living in El Cajon.
That and the earthquakes and the wild fires even then.
I also remember the beach and the lemon trees ...

BLD in MT said...

Holy moley!

BLD in MT said...

Also, I gave you a little blog award. Please, don't feel obligated to continue spreading it unless you really want to. I don't really want to get anyone involved in a "chain" involuntarily! But, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and you! Thanks for sharing it!

Anne said...

Hope you and your family are doing ok!