Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homegrown Meals

Beef Veggie stew with HG swiss chard, HG carrots, HG zucchinis, HG tomatoesm HG green beans. Other ingredients include O grass-fed beef, FM(farmer's market) Onion, FM celery, O black pepper, sea salt.
HG swiss chard stems & HG amaranth leaves and stems sauteed with garlic and butter(Earth Balance).
Salad: HG lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes. The red stuff on the upper right is the chard and amaranth sauté from above. (O) rice and Coho Salmon were purchased.
Mabo Tofu with HG eggplant and HG peppers.
(O)tofu, (O)ground turkey, (O) garlic and (O)rice were purchased
(O)Natto with HG okra and HG green onion.
The natto, seaweed, shirasu and (O)rice were purchased
I made HG tomato sauce, with this, I made Chili and Spaghetti sauce.
Here's the HG Chili with LOTs of HG tomatoes sauce & HG peppers.
Other ingredients are: (O)Kidney beans, (O)black beans, FM round onions, (O)grass-fed stew beef, (O) chili powder and sea salt.
OK, this isn't HG, but I just wanted to add it: Homemade Moca Latte. I save $5~$11 a day by making it myself! Sometimes I have 2 to keep my energy level up. (I used organic coffee, organic coconut milk, organic vanilla extract and stevia drops, oh and a dash of organic cinnamon too!) Yummy :-)


Mr. H. said...

What an incredible menu, who would want to eat out when they could have such amazing and nutritious home cooked meals.:)

AJK said...

Thanks Mr. H! We really don't go out much! (Although a little time off of cooking once in a while would be nice. Hehe) I could honestly count on 1 hand how many times I eat out in a year!

BLD in MT said...

Your tomato sauce makes my mouth water. Its been too long for my liking. But, the end is in sight, the tomatoes are finally starting to redden up at my house. Hooray! I am making chili first thing.

As always, your food looks amazing and inspires the gardener/chef inside of me.

As a side-note coincidence I was just reading today on another blog where the blogger was trying to not eat out for 30 days as a cost saving measure. I encouraged her on this mission for a variety of reasons, namely cooking is empowering! But also because the cost savings (not to mention taste, organic quality, etc) are huge, as you well know.

Don't you feel like a sorcerer sometimes in this modern world just because you know how to cook and can? Maybe that's just me.

AJK said...

Aw BLD, you're such a sweetheart. That's great that you're encouraging them to do the 30 day "Slow Food" challenge!

I hope your tomatoes give you abundance this year!

I'm actually disappointed at the tomato production this year. Normally, we'll have tomatoes coming out of our ears. This year I've only made 2 batches of tomato sauce. Enough for 2 large pots, one of chili and the other spaghetti sauce. I planted another bed of tomatoes hoping it will have enough time to produce before the frosts. I'm inundated by spider-mites on the first bed of tomatoes, sigh... so I think I'm going to try a neem/orange oil/biodegradable dish liquid spray to attempt some form of "control"

I DO feel empowered! When people find out I know how to can, they are pretty impressed. I've had to learn to bake without using gluten flour, eggs or milk! Now that's sorcery! ;-) I also know how to sew and crochet, which are fading functional art forms. I just haven't found time lately! I have a LOT of "hats" I can wear, and that can feel schizophrenic; Farmer, Mother, Cook, Artist, Secretary, Manager, Teacher... and I'm NOT a fashionista! You know how that can be!