Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harvest Updates, Aug 6th

Swiss Chard

Kabocha Pumpkin
Komatsuna greens
We have a lot of Figs, Eggplants and Peppers coming in now
This is Amaranth, we can steam, boil or sautee them
Heheee! I left my foot in there so I can show you my mean zori(slipper) tan! And size comparison of food. I wear a size 5.5 or 23cm
Now THIS is a bounty!
More Swiss Chard
Perilla leaves(shiso), Tomatoes, Figs, Okra, Blackberries and Strawberries
Some unshapely, but edible carrots

This is Yomogi for mochi about to be boiled

Can you find a monster or 2 in this pic?
More Perilla (shiso)
New Zealand Spinach
Corn "house"
Mom found this Fuji apple on the ground, it's still green. I used it to make Fig/Apple Jam, yum!
More Corn coming in! Candy from the garden for us!


BLD in MT said...

I love how creative you are with your produce photos! A pile of beautiful, homegrown goodness would be enough, but shaped like monsters, houses, faces?! Even better.

And, I was distracted from the glorious produce by this: You have a size 5.5 foot!!! My sister has a 7 and I always thought that was small! My other sister has a size 11! That is like both your feet put together! Nutty.

I am easily distracted apparently.

pelenaka said...

As always a feast for the eyes.

AJK said...

Thanks BLD! I get bored just arranging them sometimes and the playfulness kicks in. It's more fun to play with your food! ;-). LOL about the foot! I'm 5' tall so having feet any bigger than that will make me look like a duck! hehehe. It's hard finding shoes that fit sometimes...esp at discount stores (I'm cheap!)

Thanks Pelenaka, hope all is well!