Friday, May 16, 2008

The True Cost of Food Movie!

It's animated AND edumacational! From the Good People of the Sierra Club National Sustainable Consumption Committee.

Click on the link below:
"The True Cost of Food" Movie

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. America is having a higher food cost = food shortage problem. Also, America is having an obesity epidemic.

AJK said...

Here's the secret: the foods in the markets, our wonderful "Standard American Diet" (SAD) is made of ingredients that are NOT nutritious, but rather, it is heavy with fats and processed sugars, empty on vital nutrients and trace minerals, and created in mind to have long shelf life .
Another thing is that Americans are VERY sedentary. If everyone who has a yard went out and dug holes for compost, tilled soil for the crops and pruned their fruit trees instead of letting their gardeners mow their lawn for them, people wouldn't be so fat!

marisa said...

great video, I requested a copy and permission to put it on my backyard farming blog. Thanks!